Just visiting a memory...



I was just thinking about us, those rides we use to take on the city bus

you sitting there trying not to be touched, that was to much

our supermarket journeys now that was a trip

trying to get those groceries home before the rain hit

summertime in the swimming pool, we had so much fun, just the two of us

that time you caught me following you to school, it was only because you never look back, I was protecting you

downtown Los Angeles, now those were our stomping grounds, but every other day was wearing us down, I remember the time the car was impounded, still we never got grounded

all the memories aside, I know it was rough between you and I, it wasn't deliberately, I just had struggles to overcome in my own history, my love for you is unconditionall, you will always be the greater portion of me

when you left it was like my soul had been eraced, severed from your warm embrace, now theres just a wall of time, circumstance and empty space

I carried that pain so long it almost destroyed me, my heart acked endlessly, so I had to surrender or cease to be, but I will forever hold onto our memories, for it was the only time in my life when I really felt free


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