REM Sleep

Unique... 00:33

Life, that was just a dream?

Has it no meaning,

Lucid feeling I thought creeping,

A 1:33 thing, look, human being,


Singing, consider this, brought me, to my knee's, meditating,



A keep, never ending empty hole, full deep, echoing,

Meaningful things,

Bell rings reminding me of some things,

Something's missing, ballast listing,

Off center mentor we're, sinking...

Alarms sound around, water's seeping,

Leaking... Drip, drip, drip, swab stops mop, wringing out cleaning,




Radio wave says ch16,


Distress impressed, all of are bets, off to the test, cosmic ocean sailing...

Navigating this vessel from beginning to ending...

Sending you a message, thinking,

Keeping thoughts docked,

Open the lock's,

Down river past the rock's,

It's not really a map, but atleast I gave it a shot,

Streaming free full steam, 50knts,

Life line drop's...

That's it... That's all I've got...

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RJ Schwartz profile image

RJ Schwartz 17 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

Nice...deep and thought provoking

goego profile image

goego 17 months ago from Loserland Author

Thanks RJ-

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