Rabbits Are multiplying Out There.

Rabbits are multiplying out there!!!!

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Rabbits are multiplying out there
all around us at an incredible rate
while we sit and twiddle our tongues
in a frantic effort to explain
to all five year olds in existence
the answer to that inevitable question
"Mommy..Daddy...How does the Easter bunny
deliver all those eggs to every little kid,
around the whole wide world in one day???"
well.... we mutter, and sputter, and murmur
to our little squirmer
that it's all something mystical
but the answers more physical
they're screwing their fuzzy little tails off
364 days and nights a year
their favorite word is "let us!"
some bunnies loving some bunny
whose loving some bunnies bun
even now as I speak
times ten thousand and one
it's just multiplication
that supplies transportation
for the eggs they deliver
to each christian nation
forget masturbation
except for Palm sunday
there's no sexual frustration
no headaches...no mondays
life's a big celebration
that's why Easter's a fun day
and what's even more tragic
is the eggs...they're not magic
all the rabbits have chickens
that they feed L.S.D.
plus a lot of food colors
it's a rainbow of seed
and they keep chicks in sweat shops
it's all work and no play
while the rabbits are humping
all thier chickens must lay
eggs that are phsychedelic
700 a day
yes rabbits are multiplying
right out there by the dozens
screwing their sisters
their great aunts and cousins
and millions of chickens
are facing the task...it
requires a lot to fill
12 million baskets
and let's not forget
all the immigrants seen
slaving so hard in candyland
in work that's so mean
breaking their backs together
picking each jelly bean!!!

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pbwriterchick profile image

pbwriterchick 6 years ago

lol...it's a long tale but I think I can remember it the next time my kids ask the questions... ;)

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