Rain's Melody


When rain falls

note the melodies

the natural rhythm it brings;

as if the cloudbursts

desire you to sing

trouble-free refrains

in essence that pertains

to the happiness you save for only sunny days.

This song will help you along

any bad weather in time.

Music’s soothing tranquility;

should always feed

the sorrowful soul a tender burst

of blissful harmony.

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Joanne M Olivieri 3 years ago

Very beautiful both words and video.

James-wolve profile image

James-wolve 3 years ago from Morocco

Very awesome and nicely put.I like the rain and its music.I voted up

Charlotte Lenard profile image

Charlotte Lenard 3 years ago from Oak Park, IL

:) Beautiful

PaoloJpm profile image

PaoloJpm 3 years ago from Philippine

Beautiful! really, I never thought of it before, rain just wasn't rain, it actually do creates music. A very unique way of making sounds

Denizee profile image

Denizee 3 years ago Author

Thank you Joanne I'm glad you enjoyed this poem.

Denizee profile image

Denizee 3 years ago Author

Thank you all; James, Charlotte & Paolo - I've been revamping all of my writing and these first comments on new writes are such appreciated.

Happy that this was well received.

stars439 profile image

stars439 3 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

Very beautiful poem. God Bless You cherished heart.

Denizee profile image

Denizee 3 years ago Author

God bless yours as well stars439 - thank you for reading and commenting on this poem.

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