Random As Can Be

I woke up sad today after a 20 hour nap,

got up in the morning and I heard the same crap,

Drove my way to work, it was sad too,

the dream before that had me standing next to you,

Can't stand my customers,

Can't stand by you,

If I love someone it's too good to be true.

Droppin' up my music gota a new stereo,

rhymin' on my ipod with my low tone flow,

Livelihood I'm living,

I'm climbin' to the top,

Little girls skippin' to my music while they drop,

Yes my rhymes are deep

deeper than the ocean,

Tryin' to save the world

'cause of all this commotion

I wana shout "I Love You!" sometimes,

I wana let it out with these tears from my eyes,

I wana stand in front of you and tell you what's inside,

I wana runaway and start a new life,

My feelings wana let you know they need a big hug

but what will that do really what the f**k?

I'm not thinkin' straight

My mind is at stake

Trying to escape from this dire deathly fate,

So random, so what

Sometimes I give a f**k

Live it up now

I'm trying with my luck

sad slumber sleep when I jump into the covers,

Dreaming 'till the day we find one an other

And if that day comes

then hopefully I'm there

If not go on b***h and find me if you care.


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