Re Linguished

Re Linguished

In dim lit quarters

that reeked of age and dust

the hierarchal man barks orders

to the maids with barely a dime for crust

they stitch and sew

work their hands to the bone

for men in camouflage uniforms

but for equality, there’s no reform

a slave among women

the same it’s always been

freedom has no voice

it comes down to individual choice

ah, there’s a concept

-- individual choice

the freedom to go against

the grain

to wander beyond lines

of conformity and structure

wander off the pages

avoid the rhyme

and live perpetually in only now

in dim lit quarters

the women stitch and sew

as the man barks orders

and their hearts grow still and cold

damn that incessant voice!

that speaks ‘I want to be free!’

Robin Coe is a journalist and author. She wrote the fantasy novel "Fly on the Wall" and graphic novel "Illustrated Book of Wrath".

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