Reach Out To Me a poem

Reach out to me
as the world around you crumbles
your very heart might burst in agony
at the loss of what was too good
for your simple mind to understand

Reach out to me
when it's too late for anything to matter
when the opportunity to make a move is long passed
and hope mocks your faltering faith

Reach out to me
from your swirling fall down
into the abyss of your own pity
because i, am the only one
triumphant enough still standing tall.

Reach out to me
because my ground is firm
the strength i possess holds
with such fierceness and the heart
is not protected but protects all it holds

Reach out to me
because i am still there to reach for
when all others have plummeted
deep down into their own pits of fate
full of selfishness and self-loathing

Reach out to me
so i can take your hand for
a brief moment and look deep into your eyes
Only to see your light flicker
once more before i let you fall.

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Max Havlick profile image

Max Havlick 3 years ago from Villa Park, Illinois

Reach Out to Me; I Fear Thee Not!

1. Reach out to me, Sweet Warrior, but shoot every arrow straight!

My heart, my mind, my world enlarged by you, wants honest Fate.

2. Reach out to me with your sublimest opportunity!

My hope, my faith, no less than yours, endures eternally.

3. Reach out to me, Triumphant Warrior Woman, standing tall!

Together, male and female, we push pity swirling to its fall.

4. Reach out to me with your fierce, unprotected heart!

Together, firmness finalizes friendship for cooperation's part.

5. Reach out to me while you stand clear of fateful selfishness!

Together we soon slaughter selfish Fate through selflessness.

6. Reach out to me; I neither doubt nor fear your fickle hand!

Together, holding tender-tightly, we soon find the promised land.

7. Reach out to me, Sweet Warrior Woman with the wary glance!

For friendship-reaching is the noblest warrior's final chance.

Copyright 2013 by Max Havlick, Villa Park, Illinois 60181-1938, all rights reserved for the author and Huey19, the author of the poetry to which this response was written.

Huey19 profile image

Huey19 3 years ago from Chicago Author

Max thank you for such a beautiful response! I'm in awe and flattered :) you're a beautiful writer.

Max Havlick profile image

Max Havlick 3 years ago from Villa Park, Illinois

I'm so disappointed, Warrior Woman, to find you so easy-to-please that you didn't fire back two or three of those deadly, steel-tipped arrows to wound some of my many conceits and pretensions!

Just a few sweet poetic words, and you turned into a "thank-you, sir" pussycat?! What will the sisters say, not to speak of the casting directors?! "Act the part, Triumphant One, and play to the hilt whatever role you choose!"

I must really be "over the hill" when strong women start patronizing me like that. Oh cruel Time, thou art so universal, so relentless, and so fleeting! Yet you remain all that we have, at least until Eternity may dawn, which may, some say, provide a final judgment on these our transient lives, but no more time for remorse, excuses, or editorial substitutions.

All seriousness aside, it was my pleasure, Amy from Chicago, to have such a worthy foil as your fine poem so challenging (and so near!) for my little fencing exercises, but such encouragement as I see in your note is one thing my restless fingers find difficult to resist, so beware that they may soon have time to sally forth in search of some of your other poems!

Meanwhile, best wishes to you and your obvious talent for writing (but don't forget to edit later),


Huey19 profile image

Huey19 3 years ago from Chicago Author

Even friends come and go

selfless or not they find their own way

men and women need each other we know

But actually working well together, if i may

is an absurd idea to believe

from my history it's all destined to fail

one party makes more effort the other will leave

and the relationship goes stale

Why bother trying to make it work

when one can succeed alone

the thought of depending on another makes me smirk

because the best ive been is on my own

The strong the smart the beautiful cannot begin to dance

with the standards i now hold for my companions

most don't stand a chance

the world continues to spin

despite heartbreak and disappointment

so think about how we can win

Take the strides day by day

move at your own pace

pave your own way

Waiting for someone to come along

to catch up or to fall behind

just makes the journey twice as long

Keep moving forward and take in the masterpieces around you

Breathe deeply, be beautiful, inspire

and others will find their own way too.

Max, this is not much of a response, but i was provoked to respond immediately in my mind. Point made, ive had enough disappointment in my life to know that the only one i can count on is myself. I live my life each and everyday only in search of a reason to giggle because laughing is what makes my life worth while. Thank you for your call out, i love the challenge. Kudos and I'll see you around :-)

Max Havlick profile image

Max Havlick 3 years ago from Villa Park, Illinois

Dear Amy,

As worthy a response as anyone today

is likely to receive on this remote highway.

Your literary art proves heartbreak is not fatal;

your head, your hand, your heart still vital, not mere metal.

I feel your velvet arrows seeking reconciliation,

your piercing eyes desiring love and recognition.

But I am glad you did not wait for me to come along

and make your own life journey forward twice as long!

And I am just as glad I did not wait for you!

But think of all the energy I wasted wanting to.

Well, kiss today goodbye, and point me toward tomorrow --

Oops, I think somebody already said that.

On Broadway, no less!

Here come the plagiarism police!

Got to run.

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