Reading is Sexy!?!? Then I am one hot b%&#@!

Who knew?

I'm in a Reading is Sexy Group on Facebook

Are you on Facebook? If so, you know about the various clubs on their site - the variety of the clubs amazed me! Imagine becoming a fan of  ...

  • Crab Dip
  • Kit-Kats
  • Jack Daniels
  • Israel
  • Morning Sex
  • Are you Being Served?
  • and so on ...

But, recently, I came upon a group that even surprised me: the Reading is Sexy Group. I immediately became a fan!


Reading fans, unite!

This logo appears to have taken the reading and internet world by storm. Now, you can find that phrase in:

* Blogs

* Virtual Libraries for MySpace and Facebook

* Home Decor

* Reading Meetings throughout the country

* On-line book clubs

* Jewelry

* Lingerie

and more clothing sites that I can list!!

Reading is Sexy Pin

It's about time ...

I started reading years before this slogan came out; I will be reading years after this slogan dies off. Reading, to me, is more than a catchy phrase - it's an escape from the everyday, an opening of doors, an expression of beliefs.

Is reading really sexy? I guess that depends on your outlook - are you turned on by intelligence and by learning? Do you see the allure in thinking for tomorrow while holding on to tradition? Are you mesmorized by imagination and possibility?

If so, then welcome to the club.

It's not just the act of reading that's sexy ... it's what reading represents. I know what it means to me - that's why I joined the Reading is Sexy Club on Facebook.

The real question is, What does it mean to you?


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