Real Life Internet

Note on the images:

Before and after this poem there are two sets of images. The top image in each set is a graph showing a visual representation of the internet. The bottom image is a nebula.

Lock me in a box and send it out to space, with a screen for my eyes and a screen for my face. Drifting on my own, I’d never be alone, with my arms in a cone I’d be piloting a drone.

Free from gravity, my legs would cease to be, but my head would exist in immortal ecstasy.

Lock me in a box and send it out to space, where my wi-fi connection would always be so great.

No need for any G’s, vacuous serendipity , my signal be free, of units rates and fees.

Hard drive space as vast, cloud storage safe at last, my entire life avast of paper pen and cash.

Lock me in a box and send it out to space, where every single person can recognize my face.

Scanned with clarity, I’d be a deity, for on every single site an effigy to me.

Time is now the fee, add space democracy, visibility bound to be, universal currency.

Lock me in a box and send it out to space, so my virtual reality will never go to waste.

Having built an avatar, on every twinkling star, I shall extend as far, as the galactic loading bar.

A black hole in my head, uploading all the dead, accounts now linked to me, I am singularity.

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