Red Rose (Song lyrics)


By: Phoenixx Vann Der Snatsch


(Dropping into the black abyss. This eternal damnation. I see an artificial light filled with false hopes and dreams. These tears that fill my eyes as the needle pierces the sin of my synthetic realities. And I call myself, Red Rose.)

My dark realities replaced by mock happiness. A world alone from the rest, as sober. One being apart from the rest, yet all are the same by their own means. I try to find my inner peace, yet only one thing can overcome my sense of lonliness. As I run and hide from these nightmarish dreams, I know its all a reality. So I use my sens of discrepency to dispise myself by any means. And override my undying deeds and find myself amongs these hates.


Deepening (in my veins). Thickening (in my blood). Carefully (creating this) Happy feeling. Always (expecting this). Always (in need of this). I can never (break away) from this amazing love. Red Rose.


In these ultimate times of fate, when our worlds do not collaborate. Our senses run wild and take us away to our ultimate destructions. When one of ours breaks down and cries, we run past with our fake siles reassuring them it'll all be ovr soon. Yet it won't. These nightmares chase me everywhere I go. I cannot escape this. I fly through the clouds of the efervecence of hate in which my spiteful life ensues and I banish that exhuberance of dispite and come forth wth my own brand of lovely life.



Consuming me (these evil thoughts). I want them gone (alone with them). Wickedness (apart of my soul). Wretchedness (watch it grow). Hatefulness (condemned by spite). Intelligence (without light). Tortured by (these dejected things). Criminal (I need it all!) Satan please (take my soul). Misery (entrance my eyes). Vividly (show me lies). Corrupted (by your evil ways). Red Rose. Red Rose, my name!


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