Reflecting on the Revolution in Egypt

a poem and painting inspired by Egypt's Revolution

Revolution in Egypt –

Cracked mountain mirrors line Red Sea deserts
where silvered fish float in fertile Coral Reef cavities
far from Egyptians protesting government lies
and illegal brutality from police and army thugs,
while pyramids collect dust and tourists trickle away.

Here pebble strewn beaches relax inner bones
yet gravestones of unjust death fill Cairo homes
as youth scream mottos to reverse corruption.

May I remember the fight
wear tee-shirt fists to reinvigorate the day of rage
and let bullets of empathy resound in masses
to demolish constructed cathedrals of greed
as we recognize the equality of humanity.

Allow me to share what leads to the writing of this poem after my 7weeks in Egypt. I am currently in Nuweiba, about 30 miles from the Taba border with Israel. Right now I am firmly focused on the Egyptian Revolution centered in downtown Cairo Tahrir Revolution Square. Will I return to Cairo to witness the Million Man March tonight November 22nd, or continue with my plans to enter Israel tomorrow morning and be in Jerusalem by nightfall? Let me get to how I am in Nuweiba writing this poem with its painting.

After some days in Dahab and hiking up Mount Sinai for sunrise, I am in the Rush Club where I paint and create a poem [i.e. a]. Dr. Hussein sits next to me and loves my process of painting. [Note I use my hands and licked fingertips.] He invites me to create art for a few days at his dream come true, beachside La Sirène Resort. My room looks to the seashore which is about 50 yards away. Apart from near empty tourist resorts and a porta few miles away, I am here with the beach and reefs surrounded by the mystical mountains of Sinai across from the Red Sea mountains in Saudi Arabia. Although the sea and mountains artistically inspire, news of brutal police tactics and dozens of dead protestors fills my mind.

I planned to create and poArt Expressionism poem and painting for Hussein that reflected the serenity of his dream resort, yet the process of art arouses my thoughts and support for the Egyptian Revolution. Here when I write this I am caught with continuing to Jerusalem where I fly out from Tel Aviv in two weeks, or returning to downtown Cairo to show my support for the Revolution. As I think about this I just read on the news that three American students were arrested at Revolution Square. Foreigners participating in Egypt’s Revolution might be taken by the police as spies. For now, as I think about returning to Cairo, here is a “Revolution in Egypt” poem and painting inspired by the power and dedication of the Revolution, created at the La Sirène Resort, Nuweiba, Sinai Egypt.

Apart from the original poem written freehand and the accompanying painting, I have included a few photos starting with the creation of a poArt Expressionism painting and poem in “The Rush” with Dr. Hussein watching the process, then a sunrise photo from my room where I am writing this.

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