Reflections- A poem by : Latanya Williams

A fish pond in Reading PA
A fish pond in Reading PA | Source



As I sit here thinking back;

On all I've learned and done;

Life has it's own story written out;

And we are the living pages;

Individually unfolding our lives and how it's run;

creating our own novels, non-fiction, fiction;

Many marvelous works of arts to come;

Designing our personal sculptures and masterpiece;

Molding the pot of life;

Forming the clay and mold;

Of what is to become of our own existence;

Reflecting on the past, the present and what is yet to come;

Revealing to others that it is more to life that meets the eye;

Like reflections on one most inner thoughts;

Being able to reflect, accept it and live without regrets;

But most of all to be able to reflect and move forward!

By:Latanya Williams

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MurciélagoHeart profile image

Murci√©lagoHeart 5 years ago from San Francisco

Magnificient, reminds me of the unfolding beauty created by God

Kawana B 5 years ago

So talented really enjoyed the poem

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