Remember when it rained

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You sail away~~ Way beyond my hand can reach you

The salty waves separate us beyond the sunset’s hue

No more warmth only coldness in my thoughts of you remain

Now, do you remember when the rain came crashing

In the silent nights when I called your name?

------------------And I drift with my tears of hope, searching for your body

------------------And lie to myself saying I am strong without you

------------------Yet your scent still lingers, and so does the pain

------------------For I look up at the sky call out your name, begging

------------------In the end I crumble to the loneliness’s flame

My thoughts run poison in my bloodstream

I feel the ground close to me,

Touch the void you left behind

As life is drained from its hue

I shatter within my mind

Shattered, beyond repair I scream

------------------And the past magnifies my pain for your memory I chase after

------------------Only to find my body shake and shatter as my heart and body waver

------------------Can you hear my heart confess to the night?

------------------Can you see how I chase after your shadow with no light?

My soul cries out for your, sending prayers to the skies

Hoping to catch a glimpse of your scent as it cries

So will your embrace bring warmth to this empty vessel?

Will you breathe into me, reviving my soul that has turned fragile?

------------------Oh, I miss your heat on my barren skin, so cold

------------------so cold is the distant past, I wonder how it may unfold

------------------And as I savor the sweet memories, it calls for me

------------------That sky empty of stars falls over me

Now I am on my knees under this pouring rain

And I call out with a staggered voice your name

Hear my confession, for my love is grander

May the rain bring our worlds together!

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dialogue 4 years ago

Nice article, thanks for sharing the above good read.

Uriel profile image

Uriel 4 years ago from Lebanon Author

Dialogue : Thank you for your comment ^_^

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