Rendezvous to Ecstasy

Reawaken temptation

Enticing forbidden passion

Nirvana drifts away too

Desperate fulfillment

Eon passes slowly

Zealous hunger stirs up

Vehement desire

Overdose on lust finds

Utopia’s interment rest

Satiate illegitimate tryst

Tarnish emotions regenerated

Ostracize by non-acceptance

Eternal damnation cursed

Consensual souls

Seek indulgent permission

Transgression’s illicit act

Abandon true consequences

Salvage esteem belatedly

Yearning is devil’s road leading to

Rendezvous to ecstasy

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epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

.....what a wonderful and evocative title followed by oh so sublime words from a writer who paints like an artist - there is an official challenge right now at the Hub with hubbers like Maggie May, Saddlerider 1, Martie Coetser and A.A. Zavala to wrote 'erotica' and I contibuted Cure for a Cancer survivor - but this is true erotica as art in its own right.

lake erie time ontario canada 1:45am

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