Requiem For A Poetry Reading.


Requiem For A Poetry Reading.


The poet turns
to fold his readings,

into an accordion file,

precious rectangles that mark

the dance floor of his mind.
Just seconds after

emptying his soul
out over steamy mugs
and somewhat blank faces,

he hears the rhythms

of appreciation,
a small pitter-patter
of flesh colliding,

breaks out.
adding cadence

to his exit.

He smiles behind

the broad expanse of his back

now turned to those he had faced

after spewing fragile

moments exposed.


A pound of

flesh exchanged

for the wrenching

of heart and soul

it is a fair trade

in a world that often 

fails to recognize

the gentler side

of anonymous creators

scratching out pigment

and pulp dreams.



Nothing quite
Carnegie Hall level,

this blissful pause

during thier applause
but his words reached
many of the listeners present

which is more then he

could have asked for

when he first stood

nervously performing his duet

with an omni-directional mike.


Poems are meant to be read

not only by the comfort of a

crackling fire or in the snug grasp

of a summer hammock,

but live with all the passion only an author

can grant to the leakings of his soul.











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