Respect,what is it?

What is Respect,and bullying

A lot of people ask what is respect,and how do i get it? For one the golden rule comes into play,you have to give respect to gain respect. Now that doesn't mean beating the crud out of someone to get it. Just means simply be nice,be outgoing,basically be yourself. Don't go trying to be cool,just to get their respect. It simply isn't worth it. It makes you look like a punk,therefore you will lose a lot of respect,a lot more then just 1 person. Thats where bullying starts,they try to get respect out,but at a different way. Does this make them look cool? No it doesn't, just look at what they got to do to get respect,beat up defenseless kids. They just cant be outgoing and walk up to a person and say hey,and look where they are now,either in Juvenile Hall,Jail or even Prison. This is just a topic saying respect the person,never know he could be you best friend.

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hayharut profile image

hayharut 5 years ago from California,U.S.

i agree, fear=/=respect

also nice profile image :D

writingpoetry profile image

writingpoetry 5 years ago from Texas Author

ty man

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