Poem Against Fanatics, Zealots and Bigots

You stand there with your cruel words of widespread bigotry.

A fanatic on your subject that you chose to through at me.

Your verses may sound perfect that you twist to make us fear.

But no one is really listening as they all know you are here.

You may not like the way I live or the choice of my loved one.

But let me tell you something now, its time that you were gone.

I think that you should take a look at everyone you see.

Your only being stupid with your words of misery.

No one really cares you know, we all know what you are.

And some times it has been well known that you have gone a step too far.

The day will come when you will feel the hurt that you have caused.

And on that day your feelings will only be ignored.

It may sound harsh this little poem but the truth it shall clear.

That fanatics always get brought down, by some one who is near.

So to you I say your day is coming and its coming really quick.

Your little reign of terror is making you look sick.

You may be feeling very pleased that you have made your case.

But in your mind please picture this, your just one big disgrace.

Many people try to hurt and always feel such power.

But shortly you will notice that your feelings will turn sour.

So keep opinions you have made entirely to yourself.

That means your evil verses should go back upon the shelf.

Your ignorance of others  makes you look so very small.

Your building yourself really high for one huge, massive fall.

You have made it known to everyone your views against the other.

I would be careful if I was you, you may need to take cover.

Remember this last section, if it is the last thing that you do.

I have my rights and freedom and am human just like you!

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poetlorraine 6 years ago

very well said, i applaud you

calpol25 profile image

calpol25 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner) Author

thank you poet lorraine x

Im glad you like it

A Thousand Words profile image

A Thousand Words 5 years ago

*Tear* I hope that one day people will step back, take a deep breath, and just be like "I need to chill, accept, and respect other people."

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