Return With Us Now!


Return with us now to those thrilling years of yesterday as our intemperate hero, Tomato Squeegee, rides the range! Asking not what his country can do for him, doing not for the other what would not he have not done not no way, Tomato Squeegee searches the land! Helping people in need, needing people to help, righting wrongs, righting lefts, writing home and rewriting history, right into your face with Tomato Squeegee!

Riding their faithful snouts Pigasus and Pigaso, Tomato and his generous sidekick, Pipsqueak Bandolero battles bad guys, bad men, bad breath, evil-doers, miscreants, malefactors, maladroits and malapropisms! Tomato Squeegee!

This week, our hero Tomato Squeegee and useless sideguy Pipsqueak slide sideways into another adventure, facing once again the earth-shaking weevil of Icky Bin Ein-Laden! From deep within his lair underneath the Berliner Alexandeplatz, he and his bickering henchmen Jules and Jim work on their fiendish new project, Samurai 1984. Riding on the metro to see the downtown train, they prepare to take over the world or blow it up in order to save it. If they can't have it, no one can!

Lose your mind now in the new brain-bending episode entitled: "Mission Apoplectic #3,456!"

Tomato Squeegee rides again!

copyright (C) 2011 christopher w neal all rights reserved


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