Reversed Negatives.

Reversed Negatives.


The dead and

the missing
stare out at me,
frozen in a

moment of time,
captured in

their essence
for all to remember.

smiles etched in
photogenic processes,

that in reality remain

gargoyle like
their jawbones agape,
sealed in

some satin box,
buried under the dust,
much like this

box of photos
I have uncovered
and now peruse.

The eyes

haunt me most,
the brightness

of their life
flashes there,
it is the first

thing that goes,
when a person dies.

The light fades

and vanishes,
but this magic box,
full of gizmos

and buttons,
stuffed with celluloid,
one eyed and

oh, so revealing,
captures that  

bright eyed wonder,
of one who

once existed,

and is now just

a memory,
framed on a

shiny slip of




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pbwriterchick profile image

pbwriterchick 7 years ago

:D I LOVE old pictures. I like wondering...what that person was like, what they saw, how they felt, what adventures they had gone on, etc. The possibilities are endless. I think a writer could write a whole book inspired by a single picture. :)

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