Review on the Character Barbee in Legacy of the Skull Master

Wild Life Rescue

All Rights Reserved under copyright Lulu Author, SM Rodgers, Legacy of the Skull Master
All Rights Reserved under copyright Lulu Author, SM Rodgers, Legacy of the Skull Master


Barbee was rescued by someone with a passion for wild life and preserving their kind.  Two little orphan raccoons had lost their mother to some ill fate of nature. She had abandoned them, and we are sure it was not intentional.  They had been up a tree for some time without a mother, and then a storm came and blew them out to the ground.  Barbee was rescued and I think the other one may have not made it from being injured, but little baby Barbee was saved. She had to be bottle fed and cared for like a baby infant.  Her rescuer had a wild life license to rescue wild animals. Not everyone can do this, and then you must always know that any wild animal can be carriers of diseases like rabies. So you just don't go out and pick one up without proper precautions and all.  

Barbee liked a treat and loved ice cream in a cup, and her care givers would let her have some on occasion.  Barbee has her own little chair and was quite playful like most raccoon. 
Because she was so unique and adorable for a wild critter, then she caught my attention. SM Rodgers the author of Legacy of the Skull Master decided to introduce her in the Science Fictional novel.  She has a small part in the book but it is for the love of all animals rescued that SM Rodgers put her there.  SM Rodgers grew up around wild life and animals were part of the environment she grew to love.  

I would recommend that everyone get a copy of the book and meet all the characters that are in the story, because as SM Rodgers says in her book that you will never be able to put down the legacy without being drawn into it once more and possibly to all the sequels to come.

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