Rich Man Poor Nothing


Why do you have so much money...don't you have enough,

Tick tock you've made more in just the three seconds past,

Gimme gimme more more...more more gimme gimme,

Did you just drop a penny...What do you mean i can't pick it up?

Why do you horde so much it because there isn't a soul,

Your pride maybe...or do you think you'll lose it all...bonjour bonjour,

I think you've gathered enough...just the people screaming for their share,

Did you just drop a nickel on the ground...why can't i pick it up?

You've just exited your leer jet...the ground around you is sprouting greed,

You walk with a red carpet shoe lace...the world wants a piece of it,

Just a shred, maybe a sliver of fabric...we'll be a small ant instead of a flea,

Did you just drop a dime on the floor...i still can't pick it up...?

A could buy someones attention with that...couldn't you?

A nickel...five cents that could help me get a piece of gum...couldn't I?

A dime...I might be able to make a phone call...are there even pay phones?

You just handed me hundred dollar bill...keep it...I'll
keep my happiness.

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