Ricky I Wanna

Ricky I Wanna

I wanna ball! I wanna bat!

I wanna a pony too!

“I can’t take you anywhere.”

Mom says, “This just won’t do.”

I wanna kite! I wanna drum!

I want that thing up high!

“Oh Ricky … that is just a mop.”

Mom said with a sigh

I wanna rocket and a tent

I wanna new red bike

I wanna go out camping

Cause we’re gonna take a hike

I want this and I want that

First one thing then another

I’m buzzing round and round the store

I’m wearing out my mother

My mommy took me shopping

There were lots of things to see

I want everything in sight

“Please buy it ALL for me!”

Written by Jackie Rae

Copyright © 2009

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Putz Ballard profile image

Putz Ballard 7 years ago

I think I can understand this with my grandchildren wanting everything they see.

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