Ripples of Gratitude

I woke each day in gloom

my heart was heavy with pain

with great effort I'd rise from my bed

to live a day of doom.

All the drapes were drawn up tight

the rooms were dark and cold

I'd sit there for many hours

praying for a desire to fight.

Each day was like the last

as I wallowed in self pity

tears would stain my cheeks

when I daydreamed of my past.

Then something came alive in me

when I woke to face the day

Bright sunlight peeped between the shades

and warmed my very being.

I rose and opened the window

a light breeze tickled my face

I inhaled the warmth of the day

and I knew I could continue.

I learned about 'the secret'

that energy flows within

I choose to think positively

and negative thoughts I forfeited.

The Law of Attraction is its name

it teaches that what we desire

can be achieved if we believe

our thoughts can bring us our claim

I greet each day with gratitude

for all things large and small

just like rain that ripples a pond

my thankfulness grows in plentitude.

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