Rock & Roll - The Sexual Soul Of Modern Music


The theatre, dark, brooding with pregnant expectation,

Inside the crowd slowly digests the air,

Walls now perspiring, thick with the grime of decades.

Suddenly, the atmosphere hums with life,

The charge is carried through as damp hair rises to the occassion,

Crack! A bolt of lightning strikes the ears as the first blistering notes are played,

Within moments, the crowd are electrified,

Raw power, unleashed, unrestrained,

Throbbing, swinging, swaying and screaming,

A constant assault on the senses,

As the energy rises, higher and higher,

powered by the pounding beats and hypnotic riffs,

The intensity increases,

Harder, harder still, until finally they're brought to climax again and again.

Let it be known that if music can touch the heart,

Rock'n'roll will fuck you by its very nature.

A drug, free for everyone to indulge as much as they want,

Each hit forcing shudders of pleasure throughout your body.

Though it's true, it may kill you - I wouldn't have it any other way.


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