The Hole in The Gospel

The Hole in our Gospel

The Hole in our Gospel

Richard Stearns has written a written a wonderful and inspirational story of his fight with himself to take over World Vision, US. nHe sound so much like us, an paints a vivid picture a a mn who wants life on his terms not God's.

He answers the question what does God expect of us, for most of it is is a small thing, For him it was walking away from a very fruitful job ad CEO of Lenoz Crystal, and giving up a six figue salary. 

Few of us could walk away from that kind of a life, but he did, kicking and screaming God gently kept pushing until he was where God wanted him to be. 

Poverty is a four letter word

One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic. Joseph Stalin

The statistics in this book are staggering. We all know of the death and starvation in third world countrys, but it is easy for us to forget sitting comfortably in our easy chairs.

We buy bottled water but women in Africa have to walk half a day to get water to cook and bathe with..

He tells of the children kidnapped from their homes and forced to kill and main for the rebels. the tossed aside damaged forever. World Vision has a camp for them, and the most beautiful story is one he told of the other damaged children welcoming them inot their fold so they could all weep and heal together

World Vision is not handing out money they are coming up with ways for the African people to help themselves so it is long term.

They are giving lo interest loans, so people can start their own businesses and pump money into their own economy

Its a start to a complicated problem, in a country where 25.000 die of hunger every day. that is torn by war, where they die everyday because of lack of water we must wonder if it is too little.

If we help one child we are helping a nation. Richard Stearns tells the story of the man who observes the starfish that are washed up on the ocean after the storm. He sees an old man picking up one of the starfish putting it back in the water. He went to the old man and said, there are thousands of fish in the on the sand how can you possible make a difference by putting one in the which the old man reached down, picked up one starfish and replied: as he puts back in the water: It make a difference to that one.

If wemake a difference to one, then he makes a difference to another one..this is the only way we are going to save the world one person at a time.

I didn't know anything about World Vision until I read this book, I learned a lot about private charities. I cried for the children and learned way more then I wanted to about how my own committment to Gods people is lacking. It is a definite must read book..

A holy life will produce the deeper impression: A lighthouse blows no horn, they only shine.

D,L. Moody


Richard Stearns

Thousands of people die every day just for lack of water.

The African Water Crisis
The African Water Crisis

Some books you may be interested in


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