Seems like Hub Assessors Have a Peculiar Agenda All of Their Own

Is ALZHEIMERS of no interest to our guardians here ?

This is a short ,one paragaph moan against Hub Pages and those who sit in unelected judgement on whether articles should be featured or not. Having written over 250 articles here, I become irritated at the way some are featured and some not. I believe I am not alone. My latest Hub covered a staggering breakthrough in the search for a cure for the dreaded Alzheimers. The Hub detailed the staggering results of a recent trial on a new drug that could give hope to millions now and in the future. Not good enough to be featured it seems. Maybe for the appointed ones the prospect of Alzheimers hitting them seems a very distant prospect. They should take heed their day will come ! ALTERNATIVES FOR WRITERS ,AS THEY SAY, ARE AVAILABLE.

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