Sounds That Follow Forever



I think to say something,


I think to say nothing,

But I think, a man,

whatever he said,

whatever he has listen,

in past,

the sounds,

follow him, like a shadow,

throughout his life.

Also, I think, that a man,

whatever he has given,

and taken,

in his life,

the blessings,

roam around him,

like a protection,

throughout his life.

Every dream,

does not come true,

love beyond the limit,

is not good.

It is very difficult,

to become,

dearest of anyone,

the relations of love,

when broken,

and the path of love,

when lost,

promises to follow him.

throughout his life.


the sun rays,

give pains,

and the desires,

give uneasiness,

but sometimes,

the clouds,

rain heavily,

which also becomes,


This is the life,

where weather of feelings,

gets changed,

in a very small moment,

Thirst is not satisfied,

and the man,

does not gets,

even a drop of water,

and sometimes.

the clouds laden,

with water of desire,

follow him

throughout his life.

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Zabbella profile image

Zabbella 5 years ago from NJ-USA

Very pretty and a little sad.

legitimo profile image

legitimo 5 years ago from UNITED STATES

Your work is very good,start reading other hubber's so they will know your their.So you can get more feed back

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