Familiar face, a common place, a melody, a scent, a part of one big artistry

Funny how it brings back old memories

Like an art gallery of what things used to be

It makes you smile a secret smile for yourself

Traveling back in time, diving inside this maze inside your mind

Seeing thru this time warp of eternity

It’s a surreal emotion of living in the present and yet re-living the past felt so real

It’s like you’re in ecstasy, flying, soaring freely in this web of memories

You could almost touch it but like water passing thru between your fingers

All those feelings still lingers

Nothing seems to matter everything becomes an empty shell

A decoration inside an artist frame of mind

A gorgeous art trap inside this capsule of time

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ilee gee 6 years ago

nice =)

portia 6 years ago

minsan sana ganyan nga...

rinoa2884 profile image

rinoa2884 6 years ago

i like it... ehehe

Kath 6 years ago

hmm reminiscing? hehe nice ^^

Lenggai 6 years ago

Ang deep! Hehehe!

maeempedrad 6 years ago

wow naman.. nice one!:)

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