~Unconditional Love~


When love carves its way through...


~Bursting Inside~

Could I speak to the world about love, when its something I know not of?

yet what I dream about is more clear, more precise, more near, more sincere

like tides bursting inside of me, feeding on my intricacy are the utter most clarity

distinguishing the vertical parts fluctuating with intensity, theses are the parts that celebrated inside the very core of me

the rage and thunder that erupts, leaves me withered and engulfed, are only momentary counterparts sharing obstacles with my heart

the feather that dust the stinch off yesterday, brushes against my temperaments leading me astray, still I find simplicity longing to set me free and dance beneath the willow trees

is this unconditional love, the love I know not of, the love that borders on intensity, fueling my emotions, baring my pain, releasing my joy, engaging my rain, like a swan dancing with a dove, this must be unconditional love


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