Sad and Slightly Happy Poems

What is this?

These are two poems I wrote a while ago when I got back into poetry for a bit. They are of two similar and slightly styles about two similar slightly related yet kinda not different parts of my past....

written around valentines 2008

The Angel

I awake with tears staining my eyes, shaking and full a fear

I sit there silent starring out and only asking why?

Soon a noise then takes place and I remember back

I remember of the Angel, the final one saying bye

Oh why did the Angel have to die?


All was happy cheerful to began, with fun and flowers

What a dream it is full of joy when you can fly

But then that nothing comes to take it all away

It takes the joy and leave sorrow, but why

Oh why did the Angel have to die?


Of all next to remember that nothing takes the light

Now to just leave you all alone to ponder and lie

But that was not enough for this evil thing to stop there

Next it drags out the Angel despite her being shy

Oh why did the Angel have to die?


I try hard to scream out but the nothing had taken my voice

I then run towards the Angel but it grabs my thigh.

That nothing then decided to cause me a new pain

It grabs her, hurting her, making her cry.

Oh why did the Angel have to die?


Her screams of pain start to kill me, as the torturer starts.

I try to break free when I see that look in her eye.

But the nothing holds tight intent not to let me go.

She reaches out for me but nothing will defy.

Oh why did the Angel have to die?


Next to speak of is that I had failed, nothing won.

The last I see is as it drags her up so high

The Angle fades away in her pain from the screaming

And I awake with tears wishing to deny

Oh why did the Angel have to die?

The Five

The first one – meet when age five-

We both were foolish

And were too young-

That Angel gave me sorrow-


The second one-meet years later-

This one was unlike the others

She was cruel- and took advantage-

This Angel taught me pain-


The third Angel- meet me instead-

Was sadly silly and confusing

Full of fun- and randomness

She gave me doubt-


Found the Fourth- but was scarred-

She was no Angel in truth

But acted one- for all to see   

Just showed me trickery -


Golden hair and eye- the final one

Healed the wounds from the others- 

Humble and kind- a true Angel         

Currently giving me hope-

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jeanie.stecher profile image

jeanie.stecher 6 years ago from Seattle

Love the poems. Did you compose this by yourself? =)

MPG1 profile image

MPG1 6 years ago from Eugene Author

Thank you for enjoying them. And yes I did write them myself though I did have a friend or two edit them for me since I am really bad at editing my own stuff.

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 5 years ago from Louisiana

the five angels we meet in life. reminds me of the movie, the five people we meet in heaven. good poem. glad you found your true angel.

MPG1 profile image

MPG1 5 years ago from Eugene Author

Thank you but I wrote that poem a long time ago. Since then the Girl who was that last angel well... she caused me to go into a deep depression and ended up using me more than any other woman has..... so.... yeah...... things could be better but I still have hope for a better future.

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 5 years ago from Louisiana

sorry to hear that. guess she was the the angel in disguise. eh ive been there. you will find the right one before you know it.

MPG1 profile image

MPG1 5 years ago from Eugene Author


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