Sam and the Creature (Conclusion)

Sam screamed as the scalpel swung towards him, and he kicked out his legs instinctively, trying to crab crawl backwards out of harm’s way. His plaster cast, which covered his entire leg below the knee, connected with Fraccin’s leg, taking it out from under him. Fraccin summersaulted in the air and landed with a thud on his back in the sticky red-black pool of his own wife’s blood. Something cracked audibly as he landed and professor groaned, the wind knocked out of him.

That’s when Sam saw the plastic gun laying on the ground near Fraccin’s body. Two coiled wires ended in the labcoat’s pocket. Sam snatched at it, ignoring the waves of pain shooting through his fractured leg and bruised ribs. Fraccin saw Sam lunge and turned away, leaving Sam futilely grasping at the bloody floor, still warm, thought Sam.

Fraccin rolled around and stuck the end of the scalpel into Sam’s hand, pinning it to the floorboards. Sam squealed as Fraccin wiggled the scalpel trying to jimmy it out for further malicious use. With his free left hand, Sam snatched up the plastic gun and then sat back. The coils with the darts on the end came out of the labcoat, but Sam could do nothing with it because he would need his injured and trapped hand to reload the thing, if that was, he could ever figure out how the tazer worked.

Green with Envy

With a grunt, Fraccin tore loose the scalpel. Sam almost passed out from the pain, but held on bravely. Meanwhile, the Thing just cowered in a corner, whimpering, gobs of viscous green fluid dripping from its tulip mouth onto the floor where it just sizzled.

Sam held his hand up to his chest, cradling it with the plastic gun, yet with enough presence of mind to quickly round up the tazer darts and coil, which he stuck back into the gun, reloading. He flipped the switch on and waited for green light.

Fraccin understood with just a glance and he tried to scramble backwards, out of reach. Sam laughed, “Now its your turn, asshole. Like fucking tazering innocent people huh, shithead? Try this!” and he aimed the gun, pulling the trigger. Both darts flew out but well wide of their mark, landing harmlessly on the parquet.

Fraccin chuckled, then bent forward to retrieve the scalpel. “You are such a moron! Oh my word, but you sure have brought some much-needed excitement to my life, Sam.”

Sam sat up, terrified, hurting, bleeding, and now, confused. “What the hell are you talking about Fraccin? I thought you were angry at me, or, uh, Mr. Avery, you know, for killing your, uh, your wife.”

Fraccin walked behind Sam and crouched down, holding the scalpel in one hand, twirling it around. He put his arm around Sam and dropped his voice conspiratorially, “Angry? Me? You have to be joking? Okay, so you killed my wife. Could have happened to anyone, right? You want to know something? She was a pain in the ass! That’s right, I said it and it feels good, God damn it!” Fraccin slapped Sam on the back, and Sam grunted in pain.

“Sorry about that my boy, but let me ask you something Sam, and be honest. That slap on the back didn’t hurt all that much did it?” winked the doctor.

“What the hell are you jabbering on about you fucking loon? That hurt like hell, hurts like hell.” But even as Sam said it he knew it wasn’t true. His injuries were bad and the pain was there, but nowhere near as strong as it should have been. He had several bruised and strained ribs and if you’ve ever had even a slight pull on a rib you know how difficult it can be to perform even the slightest of movements. And he felt, somehow, stronger, much stronger.

“You see, my boy, everything turned out alright after all. Come on, let me help you up.” Fraccin started to lift an unbelieving Sam up.

“I don’t know what sick plans you've got for me Fraccin, but,” Sam stopped short.

Sam stared into the hall mirror as he stood up.

“Congratulations, Mr. Hayes! The experiment was a complete and fabulous success!” Fraccin patted him on the back.

“No. No. Noooooo!” Sam screamed. The reflection in the mirror still bore some resemblance to the old Sam, but instead of soft pink skin, what stared back at him was something slimy, scaly, and reptilian. Just before he passed out he thought he saw something pink and long slide out of his mouth.

NOTE: The Thing in the Corner series continues with "The Others" by bludstream

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