Sam and the Creature (Part Four)

Sam looked up through his tears at Penny Fraccin, who approached him with an evil, demented gleam in her eye. The old, grey haired woman held up the dirty shovel, waving it menacingly in the air, spittle running down her chin. Her glasses, secured to her neck by a loop of braided nylon, sat askew on the bridge of her nose, causing her to look even loonier than ever if that was possible.

Sam put his hand up to shield his face as the woman shrieked a stream of garbled, guttural, spitting curses at him, which he found, oddly, even more disconcerting than the fact that she was apparently about to brain him with a black metal garden tool.

Mrs. Fraccin reared back to get more ooomph into her swing when suddenly she looked down and screamed. Mr. Avery's long, prehensile tongue was wrapped several times around both of her legs, pulling them together like an over-sized, tightened shoelace. Tendrils of smoke emanated from the burning nylon of her beige stockings where the tongue made contact with the fabric. Her cries reached new decibal heights as the tongue began to sink in to the bubbling flesh being devoured by the acidic fluid that streamed from the creature's tongue.

The old, sweating woman tried to hit the tongue with the spade end of the shovel, but only managed to strike herself in the shins. She howled in agony and dropped the shovel.

The creature's oblong head snapped back and the tongue sliced cleanly through the flesh, ligaments, bones, and sinews, amputating her legs and causing the rest of the body to fall backwards onto the wooden parquet flooring (fake, thought Sam) of the house's lobby. She sat up whimpering and looked down at her severed legs, pumping blood at a furious pace. She opened her mouth, tried to heave but nothing came out, then fell back, no longer among the living.

Sam tried to assess the situation, but he was so far into the realm of shock that he could only stare and, incredibly enough, he began to giggle. He knew immediately that it was an inappropriate response and he tried to stifle himself, but the more he tried, the harder it was to push the laughter back in. Soon he was uncontrollably shaking with laughter, wincing from the pain it caused his bruised ribs.

The creature, though sightless, seemed to stare at him with his tulip snout. The monster seemed somehow afraid of Sam's insane outburst, and he shuffled backward on the floor, putting some distance between itself and the giggling madman..

Sam noticed this and made a superhuman effort to control himself, "No, no, don't be scared. I'm sorry. Really." but he continued, guffawing, then sighed and wiped a tear.

"Here, take my hand, help me get up. Come on, it's alright. Come on, now. Come on."

The creature carefully lifted himself up off the floor and extended his webbed reptilian hand out to Sam. Sam looked at it for a moment. "What the hell." He took the flipper and felt the creature's strength as it picked him up like a third grader.

"Damn, boy. You are one strong froggie-dude."


House Call

Sam went over to Mrs. Fraccin, who now looked serene and grandmotherly, not at all like the incubus that had attacked him just moment earlier. He checked her neck and wrist for a pulse, but could find none.

"I'm no expert, but I don't think she's going to be whacking anyone else anytime soon with a fucking shovel" Sam announced. He looked up, startled, as a door slammed in the hallway.

Dr. Fraccin came out from the basement stairwell into the hallway, looking dishevelled and breathing hard. He squinted at the light coming from the open front door.

"Penny? Is that you, sweetheart?" he scrambled over, lurching and in some sort of discomfort. He gasped audibly when he saw his wife on the floor, white as a sheet. His eyes followed her contours until they came to rest on the bloody stumps of her sliced and diced shins.

"Nooooooo!" he screamed, slamming his fists on the bloody wooden floor, splattering the blood all over himself. "You killed her! You killed her!"

"Now wait a minute, Doc, she almost killed the Thin--, I mean Mr. Avery here, with that shovel right over there, and she was about to crush my skull too. If it wasn't for Mr. Avery coming to my rescue, I'd be dead now. I'm sorry about your wife, but she was crazy, man. You should have seen her, she was all, fucking insane in the head, doc. Not that I blame her, living with you and all, but I'm telling you there was nothing else we could do." explained a distraught Sam, still trying hard not to laugh.

Doctor Fraccin stood up with bloody fists clenched, glowering a stare of pure hatred at Sam and the creature. When he finally spoke it sounded like the hissing of air flashing out of a skewered tire. "You have murdered my beloved wife. You, you, you disgusting retard!"

"Hey wait a minute, that's below the belt, dude." objected Sam, "I may be a little slow in class, but you don't have to get personal."

"Not get personal? You murdered my wife, you murdering bastard!" screamed the doctor.

"You shouldn't have kidnapped me, motherfucker! I'm sorry about your wife, but this is all your fucking fault and don't you fucking forget it!" spat Sam.

"Oh, I don't intend on forgetting it, Mr. Hayes," sneered the doctor. "And when I'm done with you, you're never, ever going to forget it either. I’m going to cut you up into a million little bite size pieces and then feed them to my lab rats one slice at a time while you watch from the hooks which you will be dangling by your skin from!”

“Now you are one sick son-of-a-bitch, you know that Fraccin?” Protested Sam, a shrill cackle escaping from his lips before he could stop it.

The doctor took a step toward Sam but the creature jumped in the way, holding his head back and roaring that awful, super loud roar of his. The creature's tongue whipped out but the doctor was ready for it this time, and he must have had a scalpel in his hand because he cut straight through Mr. Avery's extended tongue, slicing it in half.

The creature roared in pain, acid blood spraying from the open wound in the flapping serpentine tongue, which coiled back into the frog man's mouth, but not before the caustic fluid splattered onto Sam's face. Sam screamed in pain, trying to rub it off, but just ended up burning his fingers. Smoke mingled with the blood as the wounds opened on his cheek and forehead.

The creature sank back into a protective shell, covering its mouth and whimpering, clearly grievously wounded.

The doctor barked a short laugh, then turned his attention on the suffering Sam. The scalpel glittered in a stray sunbeam.

"Now, Mr. Hayes, it's your turn. Stick out your tongue and say ahhhhh."

to be continued

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