Sam and the Creature (Part Three)

Sam blinked, not believing what was happening. He expected the monster to attack him, tear him up, eat him, but not this, not, well, whatever this was.

The thing slumped off in its hunched over shifting style over into a far corner, where it bent even lower, like a wild animal showing subservience to the alpha male.

If only he knew that I can’t even get up off this table, thought Sam, that I can’t even stand up by myself.

The creature stood up sharply, then gimp-walked back towards a once-again quite fearful Sam, who tried to put his arms up over his shoulders, but instead howled in agony when he felt the sickening ache of the bruised ribs. He was truly helpless and it was maddening.

Mr. Avery, the name that Fraccin (where was the good doctor anyway?) gave the creature for some unknown reason, walked gently behind Sam and lifted him up as easily as an adult picks up a toddler. The hair on Sam’s head stood on end. This, this thing, had a super human strength. No wonder Fraccin kept him in shackles, thought Sam.

Sam groaned, his ribs jostled by the move, but soon was standing up on the cast over his shattered left leg. It was the first time that Sam realized that he was in an actual cast, so he looked down to examine it. That’s when he saw the fallen body in the creature’s former corner.

The creature had shackled Fraccin’s legs and the doctor was seemingly unconscious in the murky liquid puddle. Seemingly, he thought, because it was too dark to really see in there.

As horrible as the doctor had been to Sam, and in spite of the bad things the doctor had done, Sam could not just leave him in there like that. He moved to go to the doctor, but the creature howled, angry and turned towards the stairs, gesturing up with his sightless tulip snout head.

“No, we can’t leave him here like that. Look, he’s injured, he could be dying. Please!” insisted Sam, but the monster was stronger and his grip was tight as a bear trap. It was useless even trying, Sam thought, this thing probably doesn’t even understand our language.

As the monster hoisted Sam up the steep stairs, careful not to move Sam around too much, Sam had a careful, long, up-close look at his new-found friend. What he saw startled him. The thing had the weirdest skin, and upon closer examination he could see that there were in fact scales and that they had a strange, iridescent quality to them.

On its back and arms however, there were what could only be called hair, but that would be inaccurate. These “hairs” were actually long reptilian sensors, covered with very tiny scales themselves, a microcosmic imitation of the scaly skin.

Sam, who had always been fascinated with biology, was in fact, well, fascinated.

They reached the top of the stairs, where the creature stopped and motioned back at Sam. Sam nodded, realizing that the monster could not grasp the doorknob because of it’s strange webbed fingers, without an opposable thumb, Sam noted.

Sam turned the doorknob and together the pair entered the hallway. The creature set Sam back on his feet. The hallway was empty and quiet. Sam looked around for a phone, but not seeing one, he gestured.

“I don’t know if you can understand me, but we have to get out of here right now. Let’s go through the front door, over there,” Sam pointed. The creature tilted his football head, not comprehending. Sam pulled the alien, because that’s just what it had to be, thought Sam, towards the front door, but it was very difficult. Sam was weak and injured, and the frog thing was super rock hard solid, as hard to budge as any two NFL offensive linemen.

The creature seemed to grasp the concept after a moment, and they were almost to the door when Sam stopped them. He yanked open the hallway closet and grabbed a long grey raincoat and a strapped big white visor, the closest thing to a hat that he could find in the mess.

After putting it as best he could on the thing, Sam had to admit that Mr. Avery now looked more like an old Asian woman out for a long walk.

The reached the front door and Sam opened it. The stark brightness of the day made Sam flinch and put his hand up painfully, but it spooked the alien who barked a short roar of apprehension as it backed into the hallway again.

“No, it’s alright,” soothed Sam,”it’s just sunlight. You’ll see, or maybe not actually see, but I’m sure you’re going to love it. It’s warm, see?” Sam stretched his arm out carefully until a ray of sun settled on it, turning it over a few times. “See, nothing to it.”

Sam took the reticent creature’s hand and put it in the sunshine. It immediately snatched it back, but then gradually became accustomed to the sun. It’s head began nodding rhythmically.

“Good. Good. Now, let’s go down the stairs,”said Sam and then he heard a loud clanging noise. The monster dropped in a heap, taking Sam with him, who howled in pain.

Crying, holding his injured leg, Sam looked up and saw Mrs. Fraccin in the hallway, holding up a shovel and grinning madly.

to be continued

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