Sam and the Creature (Part Two)

Sam started to scream but Dr. Fraccin was faster, sticking the rubber bit back into his mouth expertly.

“Shhhh, Mr. Hayes, you’re making this much more difficult than it has to be. You’re probably wondering about all these tubes and yes, I’ll admit they look very sinister, but we’re just conducting a science experiment. That’s all it is really. Nothing too out of the ordinary,” lectured the doctor.

“No. No. No. No.” force-whispered Sam, frantic now with fear, his eyes clamped shut of their own volition, sweat streaming from his hair and over his entire over-heated body. Sam thought that his heart would implode at the rate it was going. Calm down, I have to calm down, I have to calm down, he chanted the mantra to himself.

Sam opened his eyes and dared to look again. The monster was still lying there in the gurney. Its football-shaped head with the tulip mouth was facing upward, its back hunched and deformed. The gurney seemed to be custom made to accept the thing’s odd shape.

Then Sam saw the the same transparent, liquid-filled tubes extruding from his own belly were identical to the ones coming out of the creature. Sam vomited as he realized that he was connected to it by these tubes.

“What are you doing to me, you motherfucker! Is this some kind of sick, twisted joke? Oh God, God, no, no, no! This isn’t real!” anguished Sam, crying and shaking violently.

Sam heaved again on the opposite side of the gurney, splashing onto Dr. Fraccin’s shoes. The doctor jumped back, trying to avoid the splatter.

“Calm down there Mr. Hayes! You have to calm down now!” the doctor pressed Sam’s shoulders down on the gurney, contempt and disgust coloring his voice.

Sam was crying uncontrollably, muttering nonsensical babble. He took a deep, ragged, mucus breath and was gearing up to scream again, when Dr. Fraccin scrambled up and jabbed Sam with a large hypodermic needle. A few minutes later Sam was snoring, out deep, out cold.

Fraccin sat back on his chair, worn out now, feeling very old, breathing deeply. He felt clammy, sweating from the strain of exertion. He checked his own heart rate for a minute then stood up, snatching the clipboard and marking on it as he walked around, checking his equipment, taking readings. Sitting down on his desk, he tapped on the computer keyboard for a few minutes, glancing up at the three monitors. The doctor stood up and walked over to the frog creature, standing over it.

He bent over and listened to its chest through his stethoscope.

"Hmmm, sounds good to me. You are a very sound creature, Mr. Avery. Too bad you don't understand a word I'm saying to you ---"

With lightning speed, the monster’s tongue lashed out of its open maw, wrapping itself quickly over the doctor’s mouth and around his neck.

Fraccin gasped and tried to pull backward but the creature began to suck back in. The choking doctor grabbed on to the tentacle-like tongue, trying to yank it off to no avail. He was amazed and horrified at the same time. The tongue itself felt like pure steely muscle, strong and wickedly fast.

That was Dr. Fraccin’s last thought before he passed out from lack of oxygen.

The thing released him then the impossibly long tongue slithered around, patting and probing deftly like a blind man’s cane. It rested on the straps holding down its repto-amphibian, slimy-scaly arms to the gurney.

Catch and Release

Tendrils of smoke began to twist up from the straps in the spots where the tongue stopped and pressed, emitting a stream of super-corrosive fluid the color and consistency of Prestone Anti-Freeze.

The tongue itself sank slowly deeper into the leather as the creature’s acid phlegm ate away at it, until finally the burning leather snapped in two.

The monster freed his arm then snapped his football head around, flicking out his tongue, working on burning through the other restraints until he was free.

Mr. Avery stood up out of the gurney, stretched his curved, spiny back, then raised his tulip-mouth, the tongue flapping in the wind, and roared a mind-numbingly loud roar, like feeding time at the zoo’s lion house.

Sam snapped awake as the monster turned and faced him.

“Noooooooo,” screamed Sam, turning his head as far as he could, trying to squeeze his way into the molecules of the gurney itself.

The Thing continued to roar and become agitated. It ripped the tubes out of its chest, groaning and roaring in pain, then slammed them down hard on the concrete floor. Rubbing the wounds in its chest where the tubes went in, the monster approached Sam. It lowered its oblong head and hovered just inches away from Sam’s head.

Sam tried not to breath at all, but eventually had to, gasping at the horrible fish stench. The creature recoiled, surprised and scared itself.

The long tongue slid out of its mouth and wrapped itself over Sam’s head and around his neck. Sam was sobbing gently, thinking he was surely dead. Then the monster did the darndest thing.

It gently released Sam’s head and promptly burned through all of Sam’s restraints, freeing him.

to be continued

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