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Whether you want to write a fundraising letter, letter asking for donations or doing an interview letter follow up, a little help in the form of sample letters is always useful.

The letters presented here in this web page can be edited and used freely.

Employee Recommendation Letter

This is an example of recommendation letter. It can be used by almost anybody because there is no mention of a particular workplace. You can easily edit it to use it for yourself. After reading it you will be able to write recommendation letter yourself.

[Sender's Address]


[Receiver's Address]


This is my recommendation for [name]. I have been his/her supervisor for the last two years.

He/she has been the most hardworking person I have ever come across in my career. Once a task is being handed over to him/her he/she does his best to complete it and that too within specified time.

In order to prove my point let me narrate an anecdote here. Once our client [name the client] placed an order that was impossible to complete in the given time-frame of [write figure] days. Nobody was willing to take up the order but [Mr./Ms. ABC] took the challenge and completed the order within the specified time to the fullest satisfaction of the client.

He/She is also a great team player and would prove very beneficial to the organization for which he/she will work in future.


Sender's name

Fundraising Letter

If you are having a difficult time writing a letter asking for donations then fret no more! This fundraising letter (or letter of donation) explains the activities of a charity organization while asking for the contribution from a prospect.

[Sender's Address]


[Receiver's Address]

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this letter on behalf of ABC Charity Organization.

The economic conditions of this country are not hidden from you. About xx% of people are suffering from poor sanitation. This predicament leads to several life-threatening diseases like [enumerate diseases here].

To help the villages to build the proper sanitation system is the aim of our organization. We not only provide financial support but also technical assistance to the villages whose residents are mostly poor and can't build their own sanitation systems.

Though we have a 100-strong staff we are always in need of more people so that we can step up our efforts. This year we plan to add at least 25 more paid members to our organization. Each member will be paid about [write salary here] and if we add the salaries of all the new members we are planning to hire this year, it comes to [write amount].

It is said that residents of your [community/city/state] are not only the wealthiest but also one of the most generous. Would you please send us your contribution to [write name of bank, or bank account number or place]? Each and every penny that you pay will contribute towards better health of the citizens of this country.


[sender's name]

Sample Interview Follow up Letter

This letter has been written as a follow up to the employment test session. You can use it also as a follow up to interview. You can use it as it is or you can edit it. This letter can be used as an interview follow up email.

[Sender's Address]


[Receiver's Address]


Thank you very much for inviting me to the session you organized yesterday. The way you tested the candidates was very good. I am very impressed with the highly professional attitude of the people who conducted the test. I have been to so many companies for tests but no place had such a comprehensive test to offer.

The best part of the session was the short speech. It allowed the candidates to express themselves more clearly. During the speech I discussed my plans and would like to reiterate them here. I wish to learn new skills and enhance my current skills. And for that [name of industry] seems to be a good place to begin. I wish to use this opportunity to tell you one thing - that I missed in my speech - that may be of interest to you. I am a successful team player and its proof is the First Prize I received, along with my fellow group members, at ABC Science Fair. We were a group of three guys who worked really hard to achieve the goal of winning the contest and we were successful in winning the competition. I would be very happy to appear in the interviews you are going to conduct in coming weeks.

I look forward to hear from you soon.



[Sender's Name]

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myslykemeeh 8 years ago from Canada

No love letter? A.k.a. Recommendation love letter? lolz...

Seriously, I will look and see this sample letters as my guide...k? Take care!

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I wish there was "Recommendation Love Letter". lolz

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Follow up letters sent after interviews increase a person's chance of getting hired significantly.

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present more letters on, Charity activities

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its very effective...huhf!..

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this sample letters really helped me a lot.

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janus roldan 5 years ago

hubs, hope you can write a sample letter too, for employees who resigned from their job because of labor malpractice (contract not being followed: agreed salary per hour shoul be $15, yet what is being given is just $8) and can't get certificate of employment which is needed to apply for another job....your sample letters are remarkable..carry on..all the best..thank you.

joel hanson nimako 4 years ago

das nice letters ,thnx for helping me solve my homework .there are little intro dat i like

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