San Francisco-Pacifica Weather

A Weather Trilogy

 I.  Unseasonable

Wind howls 'round corners;

          button coat, don mittens.

Gray sky

          lowers and blows wet

                                             in my face.

Clammy plaster of fog; fangs on the wind,



Summer has come

          to Pacifica.


© 4-87 C.E. Carl


II.  Sunrise-Set


I stood on the western cliffs

                                           in the fog.


As I watched,

          the sun came out

                                        and went down.


You have to live in Pacifica

                                        to understand.


© 8-87 C.E. Carl


III.  Illusions


Fog sifts into coast,

             brilliant glare of sun obscured:

Fog makes sun the moon.


© 5-88 E.E. Carl


All three poems above  ©  rev. 5-15-2010 C.E. (Carl) Elias

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