Sara Michelle Allens Poetry

In my Sister's eyes

In my sister's eyes
I'm the greatest thing in the world
I am her hero
the one she looks up too
I'm the one she wants to be like
whatever I do, she tries it too.
She burrows my clothes
wears my shoes
and puts on my jewelry
she even wants to drive my car.
Even though she gets on my nerves
and burrows my stuff without asking me
I still love her with all my heart
In my sister's eyes
I can do no wrong
except for when I tell her no
she gets mad, the gets over it
and she is right there attached at my hip again
sometimes I hate her, but I know that I really don't
I'm her pride and joy
her one and only
her BIG sister
In my Sister's eyes! 

Mothers vs. Stepmothers

Some people get second chances
some may not like that idea
some have to make up for all the missed chances
so what is the big idea?

You may have differences between you
or unfinished issues from the past
but today is today
we must live today and not yesturday
we should not live in the past
it's just not what needs to be done.

We live for today
not for yesturday or tomorrow
you got to live from day to day
or we will be caused so much sorrow.

Don't go through me
because you hate each other
I don't want to fight, I just want you to see
but don't let me be bothered
I don't want to feel this grief
please, please lets resolve all this conflict
so we can move on
I don't care if you hate each other
just quit going through me.

I love you both
and that is that
I just don't want to lose
either one of you, 
I just don't want to feel grief
about talking to one, when the other doesn't want me too
because I would NEVER
make MY step-children choose between their mom and me!

Being Me

I don't know what you want me to be
I just wanna be me
I don't wanna live your life anymore
I just wanna do so much more
I have to be me
I just have to do what makes me happy
I just have to be me
I wish you could see
what I have done
but you can't even see
beyond the sun
long enough to see me for me
I don't plan my life
around everybody else
I am the perfect wife
and I just have to be myself!


Somehow we will get through
we will get through it, together
It is a good thing, to stick together
through all the good times
and even the bad ones
don't get down, 
pick yourself up by the bootstraps,
and get down to living life one day at a time.

Like an angel on top of the world,
or a singer on the stage,
or an actor in the light
live your life to the fullest, 
don't give up and try your best.

Sometimes I just wonder,
how hard it could be,
to just live my life, in the perfect way,
be the perfect wife,
have a perfect little family,
with a perfect little dog,
ha, fat chance for that one,
wake up and smell the roses of life,
because this world is far from perfect.

Like a doctor trying to heal
or a sinner trying to steal
or even a preacher trying to get
through a powerful message
live your life to the fullest,
don't give up, 
and try your best.

Like a mother who loves her children unconditionly,
a father who knows everything,
or a sister who knows all about you,
live your life to the fullest, 
don't give up,
and try your best, EVERYDAY!

The One

I love the way you touch me
the way you run your hands
across my body
It makes me want to be yours forever
everytime you look into my eyes
could this be true
am I really in love this time
am I really in love with the one
could he be my special someone
the one that I've been 
waiting on for so long
that is what it sure feels like
I hope I found him
I hope the one has finally found me!

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thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

beautiful moving work thanks

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