In 50% of the Polls, People Want to Save Anna Centenary Library for Children's Benefit


Anna Centenary Library will be converted into children’s hospital

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s decision to convert Anna Centenary Library in Kotturpuram built at a huge cost of Rs.500 crore into a children’s super speciality hospital has come as a rude shock to the book lovers. Everybody sees this act as a narrow minded action by Jayalalithaa. She wants to deny credit to Karunanidhi for building such a huge library modelled on a similar facility in Singapore. Anna Centenary Library contains more than 1.2 million books and manuscripts. It has nine floors, a big auditorium where US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton addressed a meeting recently when she visited Tamil Nadu. Anna Centenary Library has a separate children’s section where facilities have been created for animation and motion pictures. Anna Centenary Library has conference halls, canteen and even rooms for stay. Anna Centenary Library has conference halls that can seat more than thousand people. Undoubtedly, this masterpiece of a work was a feather in the cap of Karunanidhi. History will be applauding him for coming out with such a high tech facility for the benefit of people residing in Tamil Nadu.

Shifting of Assembly building was a welcome decision

What made Jayalalithaa to take this shocking decision? Earlier, immediately on coming to power following the victory of her AIADMK over the DMK in the recently held Assembly elections in May, she announced that the new Assembly building will be converted into a super speciality hospital. The new Assembly building was a creation of Karunanidhi at a huge cost of more than Rs.1000 crore. But at that time, Jayalalithaa’s decision was welcomed by many neutral people in Tamil Nadu. Many people considered that a new Assembly building at a huge cost was a drain on the resources of Tamil Nadu. People felt that a new assembly building was not at all required and Karunanidhi constructed a new assembly building at a huge cost in order to favour contractors belonging to his political party DMK. When Jayalalithaa reverted the Assembly to Fort St George, it was not opposed.

Anna Centenary Library – a feather in the cap of Karunanidhi

But the case of Anna Centenary Library is quite different. Tamil Nadu, or for that matter the whole of India, had not seen such an outstanding library. Maybe, Karunanidhi might have done hundreds of bad things and thousands of wasteful things in his public career. But this one - Anna Centenary Library, was a masterpiece and caught the admiration of all knowledge seeking people in Tamil Nadu. Now at a single stroke, Jayalalithaa has nullified this benefit to the people of Tamil Nadu.

Please cast your vote below and make ten of your friends to cast their votes

It is like an act of vandalism on a cricket field. People in Tamil Nadu should not allow this to happen. All political parties, Tamil scholars, academicians, students and general public should come together to oppose this act of Jayalalithaa. Pressure should mount on the government and the Chief Minister to restore the status quo to the Anna Centenary Library. For my part, I am doing a small thing here. Please see below the poll as to whether Anna Centenary Library should be sifted from its present place. Readers are invited to cast their votes against shifting of the library without fail in order to register protest to the government. Mind you, millions of people should cast their valuable votes here. If you have read this article and voted, pass on the information about the website to your friends and persuade them also to cast their votes. Each person should make ten other unique persons to cast votes. Let us all unite to save the prestigious Anna Centenary Library

Save Anna Centenary Library

Should Anna Centenary Library be converted into Children's super speciality hospiral?

  • Yes, that will save many children
  • No, the library quenches the knowledge thurst of many people
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shrinidhi 4 years ago

library s a place of knowledge. it should not be replaced. the hospital can be constructed some were else.

tharsini 4 years ago

it is a wonderfull place creating numerous docters lawers engineers scientist proffesionalist and so on. contry devloped through the knowledge people. that people devoloped one and only place library ie., in our library Anna Centenary Library

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear Tharsini, thank you for your comments. I agree with you. Best wishes to you.

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