Saving Elizabeth... Final Chapter

Mark tried to explain it all to the officer. He was surprised at how much the officer believed. The officer listened and then nodded. He stood up and walked to the door and to Mark's surprise, he shut it. He then walked back to where Mark was sitting.

"Alright, now Doc... What are we going to do about getting this man back here?"

"I don't understand. Why do you just auto-matically believe me? Even I think the story is too wild for anyone to believe."

"Just like the bad guys have their people, we good people have our helpers. I am one of them. What my strengths are doesn't matter right now. Saving Elizabeth is all that is important. I will try to reach out to him and find where they are. He will feel me and hopefully he is strong enough to hear me. Once we find them, we will go there. No one will bother you here. You need to get David back as soon as you can."

Mark watched as the officer touched David's body. His body stiffened as if it were being electrocuted. Mark could see the officers body fading in and out over and over, until he was no longer visible to Mark. Mark could only sit and stare at where the officer had once been.


Elizabeth stared down the women as if she were a Leopard, sizing up it's prey. Though the women stood firm, David could see fear in both of their eyes. He noticed an image forming in the tent's fabric behind the women. He could see by Elizabeth's eyes, she too saw it. He watched until the figure of a man in a police officers uniform appeared. David prayed silently that this man was here to help them and not the women. As if he heard David's question, he nodded an affirmative nod. The women had not yet seen him.

I will stand here as long as I need to, ladies. Eventually, you will weaken."

"And when we do, little girl, others will replace us. You can not fight us all. Not even you are that strong alone."

"You are so right, ladies. That is why I summoned help. They will all be here in a moment and in that moment, you will die!"

More women began to come through the opening of the tent. David could feel panic inside of him but Elizabeth's eyes showed no signs of worry. Beside the officer, more images appeared. David's eyes filled with tears when he recognized his wife. He turned and looked at Elizabeth.

"How??? She is dead. I saw her body.?

"Death is only a momentary state, David, a passing of sorts in to another realm. Our souls sometime remain close to the living until we are ready to go beyond. So much you don't know, but there is no need for you to know all. You need only know that these things are possible."

David's wife moved to stand beside Elizabeth, followed by Elizabeth's mother and the officer. The fear that he had seen in the other women's eyes was suddenly magnified. They moved t surround Sarah's body.

"David..." his wife spoke, sacrifices must be made to save Elizabeth. She will be very instrumental in changing the world we live in now. She must survive, at what-ever cost. I have given my life. Elizabeth has sacrificed her youth to defeat this evil. She will never be twelve again. She knows that. Do not be afraid. There is nothing to fear in giving yourself to save another, especially one as important as Elizabeth. I love you, David, but I can not return to your world, ever."


David reached out to her, his tears now cascading down his face like a waterfall. His sorrow was so much that his body, laying on the table in a hospital room in Minnesota, convulsed. Mark understood, somehow. He reached for the paddles and began to send the electricity through David's body. He would continue to do so until someone told him other-wise.


"This is where it ends, ladies." Elizabeth pointed her arms towards the sides of the tent. On either side of her were the mothers of her and Sarah. David and the officer stood behind the women holding Sarah's body. Electricity poured out of her palms, strengthen by the presence of the ones that had joined her. The electricity became a fire-ball. She looked at David and then at his wife. David's body was glowing, telling Elizabeth that her father had understood what she needed him to do.

The women with Sarah were closing the circle tighter around her body. They too were glowing with power. It was gift against gift and both were a strength to be reckoned with. Their electrical force pushed at Elizabeth's fire-ball, sometimes gaining only to be pushed back towards them-selves again. Panic was evident in their faces, the knowing they could not defeat Elizabeth and that in the end, they would all die.

"You are stronger than us, we know that now. But when you kill us, our gifts will be passed to others waiting. We will have Sarah's strength too and we Will come back to take your gifts away. We will never stop, not ever!"

"I expect no less." Elizabeth moved her arms directly to her sides. "Now, Katherine... you and David must take her now!" Though wondering how Elizabeth knew his wife's name, he moved in time with Katherine. Both of them reached Sarah and pulled her from the women's arms. Shards of lightening bolts filled the tent. Screams of pure pain rang out like animals being killed in a forest. The police officer disappeared suddenly. The power of all Elizabeth had in her struck the women. Their bodies erupted in flames, setting the tent on fire. Their pain, as they burned, echoed through out the trees.

"We will be back!!! You have not defeated us. We will come back again!"

Then, there was silence. Elizabeth carried Sarah's body out of the burning inferno. David and Katherine followed. Elizabeth's mother had already returned to her body at her home. She hurried to the hospital where Mark was pulling the paddles off of David. He listened for a pulse but there was none. He measured for brain waves and found none. Mark sat beside David's lifeless body and wept. He looked at the body. "Did you save my Elizabeth? Did you get your daughter out of that place? I wish somehow, I knew."

The officer's body began to re-appear. In seconds he stood beside Mark, not needing Mark to tell him how things went for David. "I am sorry, Mark. I know you wanted to save him. Everyone made sacrifices while saving Elizabeth. No one regrets that at all. Let's go get your daughter."

Mark's eyes lit up at those words. He hugged the officer. He stopped an took david's hand. "Thank you, my friend. I will never forget you nor will I forget my promise, if your daughter is alive." He turned and left with the officer.

Reaching the camp, Mark was greeted by his daughter. He stared at the full grown woman that had been his little girl only a day ago. He understood. David and Katherine stood beside Elizabeth, holding one another's hand.

"David, I tried so hard to save you. I am so sorry I failed you."

"Mark, it's o.k., you didn't fail at all. You saved Elizabeth and hopefully, my daughter. I choose to go where ever my wife goes. My body would be good for no one now."

Elizabeth knelt beside Sarah's body. She reached out and took David and Katherine's hand. She layed her head on Sarah's chest. Sarah's body began to glow. "I can not bring you both back, David. Sarah's knows and understands. What I must do in the near future, to save this world, I will need Sarah. She and I will be together and we will take good care of her."

AS Elizabeth spoke, Sarah's body began to move. She opened her eyes and saw her mother and father. She reached up and touched her father and mother's faces. "I love you both and will miss you. Thank you for trading your lives for mine."

"We will be as close as a thought, Sarah. We love you so much." As he finished talking, his image began to fade along with Katherine's.

Elizabeth hugged Sarah. She smiled at her father, who still hadn't fully taken everything in. He smiled back at her as he introduced himself to Sarah. Sarah smiled back.

"Oh, I know you, sir. In fact, I have known you all of my life. Whatever it is you are meant to do, Elizabeth, it must be some thing grand."

"Yes, Sarah... I believe it will be."

Final Chapter. Thank you for reading my story. 13 comments

fatgrammy profile image

fatgrammy 5 years ago from North Carolina

You know what I am going to say. I loved it and most of all you left a segue to a whole series. Ha! I hope you do!

GimmeADream 5 years ago

Brought tears to my eyes, it did. It is a really interesting short story, Darrel. Consider a good edit and creating an anthology of these. It would make ---- good bedtime reading.


Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

I thank you for the comments here. From you, Fatgrammy, your words always encourage me so much. and from you, Wynn, how very wonderful to find that you read these. I guess you never know whose is peeking in. I have every intention of making this a series along with my witches tales. I thank you for the vote of confidence and I am touched that it reached in to your heart.

I Thank you both again, from my heart for your words. Always, Darrel

Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama 5 years ago from New England

Hey Darryl,

Wow...powerful ending. Good to hear that you will be writing and sharing more. You are such a gifted word- crafter.

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

and you encourage that writing and give me cause to continue. I thank you for reading this and all of your kind words. I would love to write more often but time and the not wanting to over-crowd the readers with too many short stories keeps me writing one short a month here. I do sometimes wonder what the thoughts of others here feel. Again, I thank you for this comment. Always, Darrel

fatgrammy profile image

fatgrammy 5 years ago from North Carolina

Darrel, with the stories you have done here and on your blog, I have yet to see a negative comment. You write as often as you want because I believe you have people who enjoy these stories just as much as I do. Remember, write for yourself. I agree with Seafarer Mama you are a gifted word crafter.

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

Thank you so very much for this. You are always a fighter in my corner and help me step out into the ring and continue writing. Writing is therapy for me and the place i can go to escape the world. Thank you for reading and for your precious comments. Always, Darrel

Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama 5 years ago from New England

And inspired me to look back on some short-story and poetry series that I originally wrote as free-writes with friends at the library, turn them into hubs. That is where "Brave Skippy" came from...and I know that I will be posting more soon.

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

Read your first story and fully enjoyed it. I am looking forward to more from you. Always, Darrel

Becky 5 years ago

Fantastic story, I am very impressed and will be reading anything I can find.

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

Thank for this. I write a short story of about 6 to 7 chapters each month. It is a great way to keep my writing nimble and open. My novels are a living and there-fore the relaxed feeling isn't always there when wrtying for a living. Five times published, I look forward to my monthly relaxed writes. I thank you for taking time to read me. Sincerely, I do.

Becky 5 years ago

What name do you publish under? I will see if I can find some.

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

DarrelDay I dont know if I am allowed to place websites namkes of the novels on here. i have a nice following that buy dorect from me to have a signed copy of the novels. I Do thank you again for reading me. sincerely, Darrel

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