Savor the Love...In Both Thin And Gluttonous Times.

Savor the love, in thin and gluttonous times.


Thoughts of you instill in me
a spirit not yet captured,
a flavor not yet tasted,
a breath that's just begun.

Between a kiss that brings
a passion left unquenchable
and memories that linger,
like the impression of your fingers
long after you have released me.

But do not fret
if time that is shared
is sometimes found

to be infrequent.

Is not one long kiss
just as sweet as

every nights embraces?

Cherish every moment,
every word shared,
for if there could be more
you would have it.

Collect the minutes
that we've known
like photos, fondly view them
without regrets,
for life begets
just so much joy per couple,
and the loneliness between
makes times together
ever sweeter.


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