Scent of Spring

Shuffle along the walk.
Feel black tar thawing.
Sneakers skid across

scattered crystals, forgotten
in slowly creeping warmth. 
Grasp them eagerly,

like diamonds in this rough,
dirty car-park. One grain,
so small in the center of my palm.

Such a delicate balance
exists in this summation
of prisms and light.

Life, Death,
Salt of the Earth--
I breathe deeply.

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C.J. Dufty profile image

C.J. Dufty 5 years ago from united states

Very nice...reminds me of something I wrote a long time ago...vivid imagery in regards to the snow...I like it. I breathed deeply right along with you.

Ms.Sally profile image

Ms.Sally 5 years ago Author

C.J., thanks for the comment. I actually wrote this a few years ago, but I recently revised it and decided to show it the light of day. I'm glad you were drawn into the poem.

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