Scent of this Bleeding Rose I

Ghosts control this lonely street,

That we once settled in

With utmost possessed splendor;

From underneath the oaks and elms,

I watch the sky, and the fusing stars...

Tempted to warp and weft

Through a pack of stacked words,

To get my engines rolling out from this highway

Called me of feelings, emotions, love and pain,

I had a dream that you’d be mine,

But here we are at a juxtaposed crossroad,

In the unmistakable perennial struggle

Of the Orion in the sky,

In a graying clouds during the long rainy seasons.

I get it that to get out of this mess I’ve only got to use,

My mental muscle and pull and push this evolution,

Of mystified shadows out of my night vision….

That won’t just evaporate itself into a dungeon;

But somewhere out there in lies a man

Who still doesn't think I am invading his life's space.

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vlind profile image

vlind 6 years ago


megsshere profile image

megsshere 6 years ago from California

Amazing poem. Very deep and soulful. I'm a poet too, so I understand the intensity of the emotions you must've felt while writing such a meaningful composition. Love it!

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