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Script Writing Therapy ? .....

..... never thought of that, until I was transferring my unfinished manuscript to a screen play. With the flow of production moving faster now, I can finally see the light of a 'completion date' over the horizon, and I can steer towards it.

In a lot of ways screen writing is much easier than a book, at least for me. And since I'm an avid movie goer, or rather, a movie watcher - I haven't been to a movie in years - I can just visualize what I want to see on the silver screen and write it down. Screen Writing gives me more of a solid sense of the time element of my story.

I'm so good at this visualization I've been known to rewrite scripts, storyboards, and edit the cast to my liking, while I'm watching the movie. But this mainly occurs when the movie is bad, or over inundated with computer generated follies. Which, in most cases, is the reason why they used the hype generated computer in the first place. To get the 'WOW' or 'AWESOME' out of ya, somehow! But when the movie is good I sit and enjoy, and learn, and watch it again, and learn.

While I wrote my script, another visualization kept peeking it's 'head' in and I'd have to yell, "Cut" to what I was 'picture pondering' for the movie. Like a dream sequence fading in when it wasn't time for it to do so. This dream is the same interrupting dream I got when I labored over my manuscript, and is one of the faults that nagged at me during writing, before writing, and most times of not writing. And, most likely, this dream sequence haunts all writers and artists and fogs their focus on the here and now. This dream I know better than my movie script. I've certainly been visualizing it for an awful long time. I know it better than any movies I've seen or will see. It is written, produced, and directed by someone I love, and is very dear to me .... Me.

My dream/movie is more an affirmation. The sequence is of me on a set in LA talking with the director about rewrites of my script.

See, it's not so much different than your dream, right? We artist, or wannabe's, want to see our name, our ideas, inventions or our designs in 'lights' as it were. But I was there like, "why not make your dream, your goal, your affirmation, what you want to achieve - a movie. And what better way to do this is to write a script about yourself. And, like a movie, with you as the writer, how it begins and ends is in your lap.....well, let me edit that, "what a screen writer starts with is not always, at all?, what the final script looks like.

With Five Sprokets (the link below) it couldn't be easier. Whether you want to write a Screen play for features or shorts, Television situation comedies; also popular for webi-sodes and mob-isodes, Television dramas, Audio / radio programs, Stage / theatrical plays, including musicals, Comic books, and of course Novels, manuscripts, reports, and just about anything else. And even if a person just wants to have a movie of himself, or herself, to go to for some 'self visual guidance' to keep them on track, the templates are geared to whatever your writing needs.

A quick sample of my Script Therapy:



The male's luggage, he was pulling behind him, gets caught in the door as he leaves. But he is preoccupied with what is waiting for him at the curb, to do much about it. A woman behind him lends a hand and gets his luggage through the door, but has to set it there by the door. The owner doesn't even turn to thank her.


The guy is drawn to the stretch limousine as if it glowed and levitated there. Tears start to swell in his eyes as he walks to the driver standing by the open door, way at the end of it.


Sure glad I didn't give up.

By the time ME gets to the driver, my eyes are too filled to read my name on the sign or see the open door of the limousine, but I didn't have to. After I nodded that I was he, the driver helped me in the car, which seemed larger on the inside than out, and welcomed me to LA.


Is that all your luggage, sir?

I nodded that it was I, but could say no more. My smile had taken over my face and I was still in a daze, in this discotheque on wheels, when the driver returns.



My name is Spartacus, and no I'm not gay.

The driver turned on this 'disco on wheels' and I was stereo-ized with "that's the way, ahu, ahu, I like it, ahu, ahu." I look over to the dark tinted window for my reflection. I wink at myself.


The limo pulls away revealing what it says on the license plate. UR HERE.

(The Beginning)

This is some no BS from screen writers:

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sweetguide 4 years ago from River side

Interesting hub and good topic. Will enjoy reading more

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