Search and Seizure Raid

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The search and seizure raid,

that began a little before midnight,

had no end in sight,

it was slow going,

made worse by the incredible amount

of filth and clutter,

sanity would stumble and stutter,

and a foul stench would hover,

the back bedrooms alone

took nearly two hours to cover,

the detectives moving each item slow,

and the smell would continue to grow,

bloody clothes on bed sheets

just seemed to glow,

it was the end of a violent attack,

and finding evidence that would stick

was nothing less than the proverbial

needle in the haystack,

it was an emotional drain,

as they checked every blood stain,

evidence sifted, fingerprints lifted,

and the time slowly drifted,

discoveries prodded them to continue

through the early morning hours,

turning over rotting mattresses

and shattering glass in the shower,

pulling up loose nails from the floor board, rusted,

and found more items to be dusted,

they seem to be running out of time,

a child was murdered,

and they have not yet charged anyone of the crime.

© 2011 Frank Atanacio

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tngolfplayer profile image

tngolfplayer 5 years ago from Knoxville


Mcham Law profile image

Mcham Law 5 years ago from Round Rock, Texas

you captured that moment well. I could almost see the scene.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

...well you are entering epi-man turf because you tell a story through poetic narrative and do it so very well my friend - I think it is quite an art form to do so and I really like your style and of course some of the darker subjects in which you choose .....

lake erie time 10:40pm ontario canada

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether

Voted up and interesting, Frank. I used to write poetry very similar to this...I felt as though someone was writing through me these stories of sadness and turmoil. You seem to be going through the same thing that I once did.

Terishere profile image

Terishere 5 years ago

Wow, great writing! Your poetry captured what was going on in detail very well!

Voted up and interesting!


ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos

A master at the use of words. I feel like i was at the scene of murder investigating all that happened via your clear lines of poetry. Excellent! A great poem

Vinaya Ghimire profile image

Vinaya Ghimire 4 years ago from Nepal

I have never composed this kind of poem but I always enjoy your work.

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 4 years ago from Shelton Author

Thanks Tngolf and Micham Law for reading my piece.. and thank you Epi and Kitty for stopping by.. Terri and Uban always good to see you thanks for reading and lastly thank you VG good to see you too

profile image

lovedoctor926 3 years ago

Frank, this was awesome work. Voted up!

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 3 years ago from Shelton Author

thanks so much Marlene bless you :)

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