This Guy thats ME!


What I’m about to say is important,

What it’s about is what it’s not;

Not to expect from you a certain thing,

But explain exactly what it’s not.

Confused already, let’s hope not,

Follow me along and see;

What’s so important for you to know,

About this guy that’s me.

Never is as simple as this dear friend,

Not a grab for all you have;

Just for what is offered me,

Not for more than what you give,

That would only frustrate me.

You’re only what you are,

I’ll not make it more than that;

You may be more than my eye’s would see,

But I’ll just adjust my gaze the more

and then I will not frustrate you.

It’s not in me to hurt a friend,

It surely hurts to be pushed away,

Because we set our minds just so;

Not always do we think of that,

Yet it’s still there when we walk away.

Why are we men so vulnerable?

Why of you do we expect so much?

Why are you so beautiful?

I’ll not question that at all,

Perhaps I’ll never understand.



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