Season Changes

Fall in New York State


Another poem about nature and life. This one was written as a gift to someone who asked me to write about fall.Autumn was this persons favorite time of year. This is what I came up with.I sometimes start out on one idea and it changes as I am writing. I ended this with the fact that we all change as we grow in life. Not just the process of aging but the whole process where we change emotionally,spiritually and mentally. As I look back now almost 20 years ago I have changed and grown even more. Wisdom they say comes by experience.How many times someone older and wiser told me something but I would not hear it. How many times those who knew the truth would try to help me but I just thought I knew right from wrong. I see clearly now that the choices we make in life,how we live,what we do,what we believe all have consequences. Things do not just happen by coincidence. The choices we make decided the out come most of the time. And as I was often given a word of advice I do the same. Many times with the same results that I myself had,not to listen and think if it was the truth. Sometimes though I see someones life turn around by following good advice. Being able to understand that we never know everything and that we can all change our lives for the better is part of being mature. Ah yes another unpopular idea in our society who wants to be mature!

Season Changes

A time of plenty has come at last

long hot days are fading fast

As the season changes

there come new task

A harvest time for man and beast

Thanksgiving Day we all will feast

A time to take and gather in

for soon will come cold winter wind

As the season changes

the days grow dim

Even the animals seem to know

how they hurry to and fro

We mix the work with some play

summer past but harvest its pay

As season changes

we are busy all day

Now autumn is here

this season many hold dear

Warm days and cool nights

wild geese take flight

As the season changes

so we might


Colors of Fall Leaves


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