I sit at a table by myself when I see you walking in the coffee shop. I sip my coffee and cream. Your fresh aroma drifts throughout the coffee shop. I notice that you love vampires from the cover of Interview of the Vampire you are reading, and laying next to it a copy of The Queen of the Damned.

It isn't your looks or your pick of fine literature that attracts me to you. It's your lovely soul. That's right, your soul.

I see colors erupt from your soul in the form of an aura. Your colors are bright red, orange, blue, yellow, and green.

You yawn, stretch, and return to your reading.

I drink another cup of coffee and cream.

You stand and gather your vampire novels. Yes, your beloved vampire novels.

I force myself to finish my cup of coffee, as I see you leaving the coffee shop.

When I finally do enter the parking lot, you are gone. But that's okay, for I know where you live.

I look at the dark sky. The parking lot lights only light the surrounding asphalt not the above sky. Yes, there appears to be an outside camera. I flip the camera the bird as my feet leave the parking lot.

From the sky, I find your car. The colors of your soul radiates through the top of your car.

You park your car and walk into your apartment building. I see your second floor apartment window light turn on. I lower myself to the ground. I'm not interested in seeing your flesh. I'm only interested in your soul.

I see your bedroom window going dark. I wait for half an hour. I float to your window and see that you are dreaming. I touch your window. My soul enters your bedroom and grasps your soul. My soul bares its fangs and penetrates your soul and starts to feed. I taste each drop of your soul as it enters my body.

I withdraw my soul's fangs and lower your soul back into your body. Like usual, you will have no memory of what happened.

I watch you move. "See you tomorrow night my princess."


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