Send Unlimited SMS from any Senders Number - SMS Hack

Usually If you send any SMS to your friends or if you receive any messages from your friends, you can see the sender's name and phone number(Your friends number and their name). But how about sending SMS from Unknown mobile numbers to your Friends and play a prank with them ? using this service you can send unlimited SMS from any Sender's number to any mobile numbers.

Here is a web site which you can use to send SMS to anyone, choosing your own sender number.

All you need to do is -

1. GO here - PhreakyPhonez

2. Select your country, Type the Mobile Number of the person who is going to receive the Message.

3. Next box, You type some random numbers (10 digits) because this random number will act as a senders number. So you can type your friends number too. (play a prank with them)

4. Enter the Captcha code and Tick for Agree terms and conditions

5. Wait for 2 Minutes to get the 'Send SMS' button and Once you get it Click on and Enjoy the hack.

But the only thing that's bugging me, that we have to wait for 2 minutes after first sms to send another.

So here is a javascript code which you need to paste on your address bar (where you have - - Remove this and paste the javascript code which is given below and hit enter).

javascript:document.getElementById(element_id).innerHTML = link_text;alert()

Now You can see the 'Send SMS' button and You don't need to wait for 2 minutes.

Leave your comments and Enjoy the SMS Hack.

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laxmikanta 6 years ago

pls receive my no

salman waris 6 years ago

not working dear:(

Don 4 years ago


rafi khan 3 years ago

very nice

Atul 3 years ago

Not working at all... this hostname is for sale ... Till now not taken by anyone.

miss perfect 2 years ago

No gud juxt time pass!!!!!!!!!!

ali 2 years ago


krishna 2 years ago


hacking plus 2 years ago


xxxxx 2 years ago


9045260421 2 years ago


sam.azgor profile image

sam.azgor 2 years ago from Bangladesh

the website you've provided is no more. please update your hub..

2 years ago

just check.......sms posted or not

mehedi 2 years ago


maha 2 years ago

Kia krun

8754156655 2 years ago


Aajam Khan 2 years ago

facebook unlook

garry 2 years ago

Tinka-Tinka Karke, Hum Teri Yaad Mein Mahal Banate hain;

"Illegal Construction" Kah Kar "Nagar Nigham" Waale Tod Jaate Hein

07860171763 2 years ago


9401500697 2 years ago

ha ur full

Akhilesh anand 16 months ago

abe ye hai kya

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