Sensual Love and Romance Poem #8 Unicorn Romance

Over the rainbow
A unicorn flew
What was on it was you

You reach your hand out to me
Telling me to get on
I was pleased…

Endlessly I smiled
And reach out to you
Flew across the rainbow and the moon
Just me and you

Your arm wrap around my body
So tight
So I won’t fall and lose sight

I looked into your eyes and you looked in mines
Our eyes locked on each other

Our heart start to beat
In the music of romance
Which trigger our feeling to kiss

Your lip locks on mine
Mines locked on yours
Kissing each other under the moon
On top of the unicorn
In a dark sky blue

An explosion of pink lights
A white petals flower
Fall from the rainbow
Celebrating the love we have for each other

The unicorn sing and dance the sky
Taking us both to a wonderful flight
Just me and you
On the back of the unicorn that night

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