Septembers Embers.


September's Embers.

  ©-MFB III 

The swoon of

June's approach

offering hours I'll

spend on the beaches,

basking in the sun's

 gentle caresses,

takes me back to a

long ago summer romance.

My blonde haired,

blue-eyed Janet,

with lips the

color of pink coral,

kisses colliding to

the motion of the ocean,

and those nights

we spent fireside,

as driftwood burned,

and she gazed

with adoration on me

as I played my guitar,

and sang tributes to our love.

The sights, sounds
and scents of it all,

bring back

the aches
of our geographical parting,

and how its end

made no sense.

When just August

of sighs and sobs

prevailed in

two souls.


the brevity
of love

astounds me.

we are left

 a castaway
on an island of one,

just a shell

of ourselves,
weeping in the

shade of two palms,

as the one we

love skips across
the vast waters of time
like a

fevered stone.

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Micky Dee 6 years ago

Another and another! Thank you Sir!

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